Back Pain Treatments

Back pain in King of Prussia, PA can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Dr. Irene Londer at the Londer Family Chiropractic Center provides gentle and effective chiropractic care to help you find relief.

Impact of Back Pain

Your back is a vital component of every aspect of your life. Among other things, the muscles in the back help stabilize the spine. When the spine is not stabilized, it can compress the nerves, muscles, and ligaments. If any part of the back is compressed, tense, or misaligned, it can impact your ability to move, lift your arms, walk, sit, lie down, or stand.

Some pain in the back might go away with rest over time if it’s due to a workout or overuse injuries. However, pain that is caused by an underlying issue will typically only worsen with time, making it imperative that you visit Dr. Londer at the Londer Family Chiropractic Center as soon as you can.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition that is one of the leading causes of disability, visits to the doctor, and missed work. It can be due to several causes, including overusing your muscles, as mentioned above. Often, though, there is a more serious issue causing the pain, such as those listed below:

  • Ruptured or herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor posture
  • Injury
  • Obesity and weight issues
  • Spinal stenosis

Each of these causes can greatly benefit from chiropractic care, which can aid in recovery, pain relief, and in some cases, reversal of the issue.

Treatment for Back Pain in King of Prussia, PA

The treatment necessary for your back pain will depend on the specific cause of your condition. Upon visiting Dr. Londer, she will spend time gaining a comprehensive understanding of your condition, symptoms, and goals. With that information, she’ll determine which treatment options will provide the best results. While individual plans will differ, some effective treatment options include the following:

  • Adjustments to ensure the spine is properly aligned
  • Myofascial release to address any tension and sensitivity in the tissues around the muscles
  • Massage therapy to release tension and scar tissue build-up in the soft tissues so the muscles supporting the spine can move properly
  • Cold laser therapy to reach and stimulate healing in the deep tissues of the body
  • Custom shoe orthotics to help correct foot issues that might contribute to back pain and other problems
  • Nutritional guidance to help correct weight issues and support a healthy body

You don’t have to live with back pain in King of Prussia, PA. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Londer at the Londer Family Chiropractic Center by calling (610) 783-1311.

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