Neck Pain Treatments

Neck pain can hold you back from doing what you love. It can make simple tasks, like looking down to read a book, uncomfortable. However, with chiropractic care from Londer Family Chiropractic, serving King of Prussia, PA, and the nearby region, you don't have to suffer from either acute or chronic neck pain. Dr. Irene Londer offers chiropractic care to assist. 

Condition Treated

Our practitioner treats both acute and chronic issues. We handle cases where patients have been in car accidents, have work-related injuries, or sustained another personal injury. We help those who had a sports-related injury as well. 

In terms of chronic conditions, our practitioner can help if you have neck pain from arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or a herniated disc, to name a few examples. 

One of the most common causes of neck pain we treat is whiplash. This particular issue occurs when your neck is propelled rapidly during a rear-end collision, assault, or another similar injury. 

Diagnosing the Problem 

Once you visit our King of Prussia, PA, office, you'll fill out a medical history report and talk to our practitioner. Our chiropractor will ask you questions about when your pain started, what worsens it, and how it could have happened. 

In some cases, our practitioner might recommend imaging to assess the problem and the extent of it. 

The diagnostic process is also a time when we can figure out which treatment options are safest for your particular condition, including any pre-existing problems you have. 

Tailored Treatment Plan 

Based on the results of our exam, our practitioner will create a plan specifically for your needs. It may include adjustments, chiropractic exercise, or lifestyle advice. 

Every plan for neck pain focuses on relieving the pain naturally. It incorporates getting to the source of the problem. 

We should note that healing to the best of your ability is the goal of treating an acute neck injury, while pain management and optimizing function and flexion are the goals of a treatment plan for a chronic issue. 

If you visit us for a prolonged time, we'd like you to know that your treatment plan will change over time. We repeatedly update your plan based on your healing and changes in your condition. Basically, this means that your exercise therapy program will increase in difficulty as you heal.  

Londer Family Chiropractic, serving King of Prussia, PA, and the neighboring regions, offers a wide range of care for neck pain. Through customized treatment programs, our Dr. Londer promotes recovery while finding methods to reduce your neck pain and other possible symptoms. 

Book an appointment with our practice for your neck pain today by calling 610-783-1311. 

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