Nutritional Evaluation Consultation


Utilizing examination techniques and re- evaluations that allows us to make patient specific recommendation for nutritional support and methods to gauge progress and response to specific nutrition and dietary treatment protocols and nutritional supplementation. Our nutritional consultation looks at information from a symptom survey form, systems review health questionnaire, physical examination including palpation, blood pressure tests and other tests to determine mineral deficiencies, hair analysis test and saliva tests to assess adrenal function assessing reasons for fatigue, gluten sensitivities. The following statements are what findings you can expect to learn about the systems of your body which require nutritional support in- order to function optimally and improve response to the chiropractic care plans:

Health Questionnaire
The symptom survey form is filled out by the patient to assess body systems requiring nutritional support. The survey requires a patient to answer questions on different symptoms grading each answer from 1, 2 or 3 depending on the severity of that symptoms. This survey will be evaluated prior to your consultation examination and will accompany a 7 day food diary and medical history. The doctor reviews all the information to begin to understand what your nutritional requirement will be included in your wellness program.

Hair Analysis
Hair analysis evaluation to determine metabolism type, mineral and vitamin balances and ratios to determine to determine foods to avoid and foods to increase in the diet. Hair analysis affords the patient a tool to re assess progress and usefulness of diet plan. A hair sample is taken by the doctor and sent out to a lab for results. Nutritional physiology takes place at the cellular level. What you eat is not as important as what is reaching your body on a cellular level. Hair analysis is a method to utilize to determine directly about the main cite of nutritional metabolism.

Adrenal Stress Index:
Adrenal Stress Index is a saliva test to measure cortisol rhythm throughout the day to assess reasons for fatigue we experience, poor sleeping patterns, slowed muscle and joint tissue repair and healing process in the body both energy production and muscle/joint. A take home kit is given to the patient with labeled vials and instructions on performing the test. The kit is then sent out in the mail to the laboratory that will read the samples and give us a detailed report on the findings. We will then consult with our patients. We correlate these findings with the previously mentioned tests to determine the appropriate course of supplementation, changes to the diet etc.

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