Londer Chiropractic is excited to introduce our patients to a remarkable technology known as Laser Photo therapy (LPT) to 
This non-invasive therapy is safe, effective, FDA-cleared, and used successfully for many years by a wide range of patients from top athletes, to entertainers, to stay-at-home moms--people of any age and lifestyle.
The LZ30 laser gives your cells the energy they need to heal and function optimally with a personal laser treatment for your body's health & well-being. Whether for sprains, strains, pains, and much more. Adding the benefits of the Laser as an adjunct to chiropractic care or as individual sessions, Dr. Londer will address your specific symptoms and conditions. 
Complimentary laser treatment will be offered through the end of March, 2018. Schedule your appointment today to see if you qualify for a *complimentary laser treatment. Call #610-783-1311

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