Myofascial Release

If you suffer from muscle tension, joint pain, headaches, or limited mobility due to sore muscles, Dr. Londer, a chiropractor serving in King of Prussia, can help you reduce discomfort and find the joy of movement and an active life again with myofascial release.

What’s Fascia?

Before explaining what myofascial release is, it’s helpful to understand fascia. Your fascia is a thin, sausage-like casing that contains every organ, blood vessel, bone, and nerve fiber in your body. Fascia helps to hold your muscles in place. This tissue is structural but also as sensitive as your skin. It can become bunched up, stressed, and tight, similar to the way that your muscles can become tight.

Why Does Myofascial Release Help with Pain?

When a practitioner such as your chiropractor or massage therapist applies myofascial release, they work on releasing tension from “trigger points” throughout the muscle system, including within the fascia that has become misshapen or tight. A trigger point that is seemingly unrelated to muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, for example, one in your lower back, may actually help to reduce tension and pain higher up. Because trigger points are difficult to locate specifically, a therapist will practice the release of fascia tension throughout the body. This can help to reduce pain and stored tension.

When Should I Seek Myofascial Release?

You can seek myofascial release as both a preventative and a curative measure. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, headaches related to neck and shoulder tension, or leg cramps due to a venous disorder, myofascial release can help prevent pain or lessen it. It’s best to seek treatment before your muscle pain is acute, though. Dr. Londer can help determine if myofascial release is a good remedy for your current pain and muscle tension.

Try Myofascial Release 

If you're ready to try myofascial release to help alleviate muscle tension, headaches, leg cramps, or other chronic pain issues, Dr. Londer, your chiropractor in King of Prussia can help. 

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