Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT) is a treatment in which trained practitioners such as chiropractors use their hands or a specialized device to apply a sudden but controlled thrust to a spinal joint. According to Dr. Irene Londer of the Londer Family Chiropractic Center, which serves the King of Prussia, PA, vicinity - the idea behind spinal adjustments or manipulations is that applying force to problematic spinal areas can help restore the spine's structural integrity, enhance nerve function, and reduce pain. This then allows the body to heal itself naturally.

During a Spinal Manipulation Therapy Session

You may be placed in various positions on a specially designed, padded chiropractic table during a typical chiropractic adjustment.

·      A careful, controlled force on the joint can range from slow to fast or gentle to strong. It is not unusual to hear popping sounds as your joints move during the spinal manipulation therapy session, but that’s gas escaping, not due to any bone damage.

·      Parts of the table can be dropped during an adjustment, adding different forces/angles to the movement.

·      At times, other body joints are treated to assist in the treatment of the spine.

Conditions a Spinal Manipulation Can Treat

The technique has been shown to be effective in offering relief for –

·      Low back pain.

·      Sciatica.

·      Neck pain.

·      Headaches.

·      Other musculoskeletal conditions.

Spinal manipulation may be among a few complementary health techniques that can help prevent migraines.

In addition, Dr. Londer may choose to use ice and heat therapy, massage therapy, and electrical stimulation therapy. After the spinal manipulation, there may be a few minor and lingering side effects, including fatigue or discomfort in the locations treated, but these should clear up quickly.

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If you're experiencing back or neck pain, don't assume it will go away on its own. Many sources of pain tend to worsen over time if left unmanaged. It's important to see a chiropractor, as this may help prevent chronic pain. For more information on managing issues such as misalignments, joint restrictions, and muscular imbalances, contact Dr. Londer or a member of the Londer Family Chiropractic Center staff at 610-783-1311 or online

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